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American Potpourri by Russian Teachers

I am happy to write a few words to you about this section of my site, American Potpourri: An American Studies ELT Series. The series is dedicated to 200 years of U.S. – Russia diplomatic relations.  This electronic textbook  was designed for teachers who work with intermediate and advanced students of English.  The materials are suitable for both the secondary school and university level, depending on the proficiency level of the learners.  They provide teachers with an innovative approach to teaching English, with attention to specific needs and interests of students and teachers in Russia.

The project was initiated by the English Language Office (ELO) of the Embassy of the United States of America, combining the expertise of the American author, Kevin McCaughey, and expert Russian English language teachers from around the country.  Our project included English language textbooks written by Russian teachers of English from around the country, coupled with the multimedia material developed by Kevin.  The multimedia lessons are meant for classroom use, but can be used for self-study as well. 

There are so very many people to thank in this project. First, the many Russians authors who wrote textbooks based on a variety of American Studies themes – from Vladivostok to Petrozavodsk. Their dedication, commitment, and vision in bringing this joint U.S.-Russia project into being were inspirational to all involved.

What can be found in this section of the website? 

Here you find electronic textbooks by leading Russian English language teachers, including activities, keys and additional materials, focusing on relevant topics in society today, including education, the arts, literature, history, science, and health.

I wish all users of the series much success – and fun – in their teaching and learning.

American Potpourri by Russian Teachers

1. American Families doc. pdf  (Olga Prokhorova, Olga Vishnyakova, Olga Romashina, Julia Yatsenko)

2. Volunteering in the USA: Schooling for Citizenship doc. pdf  (Galina Bougon, Lyubov Sokirkina)

3.  American Mass Media: Newspapers, Magazines, and Television doc. pdf  (Natalia Chicherina)

4. The Asian Ingredient in the American Cultural Pizza doc. pdf  (Zoya Proshina, Elena Koneva,  Tatyana Lupachyova, Galina Lovtsevich)

5. Multicultural America doc. pdf  (Anna Suslova, Svetlana Strelkova, Elena Vorobyeva)

6. The American Dream doc. pdf  (Ludmila Baranova)

7. American House and Home doc. pdf  (Olga Bondarenko, Lyudmila Levina)

8. National Memory and U.S. History Milestones in Monuments doc. pdf  (Victoria Safonova, Pavel Sysoyev)

9. The Patchwork of American Food: Changing Perceptions doc. pdf  (Lyudmila Levina)

10. Does It Feel to Be an American Teen? doc. pdf  (Elena Borzova)

11, Nylons, Boboes and Knowledge Workers (Social Groups and Types in a Modern American Society) doc. pdf  (Victoria Oschepkova, Marina Polyanskaya)